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Custom pet portraits, painted right here in Santa Cruz, make for thoughtful and very special gifts for a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even just to help ease the blow of losing a loved pet.

Portraits can be customized by incorporating unique and personal elements like favorite plants or flowers, background color schemes, or even decorative elements that allude to the pet's name or personality.  Brittany is happy to help design a composition for you if you don't have anything specific in mind.


Pricing + Process

Pet portraits are painted in oil.  Prices vary depending on specifics, but here is a general idea for single pet portraits in some standard sizes:

Other sizes are also available.  Please allow 3-6 weeks for completion, depending on size and composition.  If you are considering a portrait as a Christmas present, please get started as soon as possible because during that time of year there is usually a longer than normal wait list.  Reserve your place in the queue!

Brittany works from photographs for the paintings, and great photos make for great paintings!  The best photos are taken at eye level with good lighting.  Photo clarity is key for getting as much detail as possible. It's usually best if you can capture the pet in a shaded outdoor area.  If you hold a treat over the camera it usually makes for a cute and alert expression.

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